Is Your New Home Move-In Ready?

Schedule a new construction inspection in Alpharetta, GA, Atlanta Metro Area, and Surrounding Areas to make sure

You've waited months for your builder to finish your new house in Georgia. You've walked through your gorgeous kitchen and bedrooms, and you're ready to turn the house into a real home. Property Masters Home Inspections, LLC understands your excitement. We'll perform a new construction inspection right away, so you won't have to wait any longer to move in.

Call 404-323-0099 today to schedule a property inspection for your newly built home in Alpharetta, GA, Atlanta Metro Area, and Surrounding Areas. You can count on us to make sure your builder didn't cut any corners.

Make sure your home is built to last

Make sure your home is built to last

By scheduling a new construction inspection with Property Masters Home Inspections, you can make sure your homebuilder completed the work properly. We also offer Home Warranty Inspections. If you purchase a new construction, the builder will give you a 12 month warranty. We can perform your inspection in the following four stages:

  1. Foundation and grading: we'll inspect this structural element before the rest of your build gets started.
  2. Framing, wiring and plumbing: we'll inspect these systems after your frame is up but before your walls are finished.
  3. Drywall: we'll make sure the builder installed your drywall properly.
  4. Final phase: we'll do a final walk-through of your whole home to ensure that everything came together properly.
Contact Property Masters Home Inspections now to learn more about our property inspection services. We can perform all four of these home inspection stages or just look over everything after your builder finishes the house.